Daily prompt: Colourful language… Or not.

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I am in Sydney which is nice because I get to see everyone.

The drive down was not particularly nice – long and boring.

On Thursday I went to the dentist which wasn’t nice at all, but nicer than ending up toothless.

Yesterday I went to the doctor – not my pastime of choice, but nice enough. He is a nice bloke and I am not sick, just needed a nice new prescription for the pills that keep my blood pressure nicely under control.

Today is my youngest daughter’s daughter’s fifth birthday and we will all get together and eat cake, which will be very nice indeed.

So far I have no plans for tomorrow, but have not doubt I will find lots of nice things to do.

On Monday I am driving home again. This trip will be much nicer than the trip down because I will have my eldest daughter with me. And being home will be just as nice as being in Sydney but for different reasons.

What a nice life I lead!



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