Daily prompt: Just so you know


The devil wears a mask.

I mean he’d have to, wouldn’t he*. If he was tricked out in the full devil gear complete with red eyes and a pitchfork as he walked about seeking whom he may devour, people just might be tipped off as to who they were dealing with and think twice about taking up his offers, however tempting. And no devil worth his salt would be satisfied with the slim pickings resulting from that little debacle.

Not that I speak from experience, you understand. As far as I know I’ve never met the devil face to face. I’ve certainly encountered people whose behaviour left a lot to be desired, but since they were more interested in reducing those around them to abject grovelling than leading them into temptation, I doubt the devil was involved. And similarly, any temptations I’ve faced have been far too piddling to be devilish plots.

But then again, maybe I’m hopelessly naive. Mr Hester certainly thought so. The family habit of skinny dipping in our (mid-four-acre-plot, screened-off-from-everyone-else) pool was, he told my 5 y/o daughter, sinful in the extreme, and just the sort of thing the devil was on the prowl to find. Gotcha! the devil would cry, and off we’d all go to hell. Mr Hester taught scripture to the young and innocent at the local school, and no doubt his belief in our future damnation was confirmed when I removed my daughter from scripture classes.

Some people say the devil wears Prada. Does Prada make masks?

*or she


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3 Responses to Daily prompt: Just so you know

  1. So strange — the prompt yesterday and then I found myself spending the day online with the wonderful older daughter of the Evil X. She had just reached the point with her dad that she could no longer endure his evil. She had seen it for what it is and reached the point of letting go. It was a hard day for her. Masks were the theme of the day somehow and the idea that evil wears a mask was mentioned over and over between us. I even said, “Watch out for the guilt you will feel.” “I’ve dealt with that,” she said. “Watch out. Guilt wears costumes.” “Yikes. I never thought of that,” she said.

    • At least evil is straightforward, despite its masks. Its motives are simple: do harm. Guilt, though, is a sneaky, manipulative hypocrite that plays mind games with those who don’t deserve it. My parents abhorred the ‘more in sorrow than in anger’ tactic – which might have been why I couldn’t cope with it when I met it later, and became a real sucker for guilt.

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