Daily prompt: Let’s see now…


My mother had a problem with hot ovens. Not that she was allergic to them, or drawn irresistibly into their evil force field, but rather that her mind was on other things as she whipped trays and baking dishes in and out, and random bits of hot metal took advantage. My sister and I have inherited this problem and have the scars to prove it. Nothing major. Just the odd white spot that shows up when our hands pick up a summer tan. As do the white patches further up my arm – all that’s left now of the damage caused by putting my arm through a clothes wringer (don’t ask).

My eldest daughter (D1) has a different method of collecting life’s souvenirs. For her, it’s a combination of sharp knives and pumpkin, so most of her scars are also confined to her hands. Although she does have a small mark at the side of her nose caused by the teeth of the kid next door – a rumble, not malice aforethought – and a neat white line down one finger to remind her of Diggory and Daisy – the dogs she was feeding when the dog food tin turned feral and bit.

The size of my son’s head (big but not disproportionate) might account for its attraction for flying objects. The first was a golf club swung by a contemporary (aged 7) which required several stitches on his forehead. (My son was less upset than his mate.) The second is hidden by his hair, but I don’t forget. How could I? The flying billycart was the least of it. The wound took on a life of its own and developed a strange nodule that bled copiously – FLOODED – at the slightest touch.  No neat hairstyles for him. A trip to the doctor instead, to remove the nodule (more stitches).

D3 also has a scar on her forehead, fortunately now almost invisible. Hers was caused by an elbow (that just missed her eye) wielded by an opponent during a water polo match. This was definitely malice aforethought, though unprovable. Water polo is a vicious game. She also has various scars (one elbow and both knees) from measures necessary to keep her joints moving. (She has arthritis.)

Fortunately for D2, she remained scar free well into adulthood, thus avoiding tedious hours in makeup during her modelling career. And even when a window blind fell from a great height and the pin on the end pierced her finger, it had the decency to aim for the nail. So even though it wasn’t pleasant and did require a night in hospital (nothing trivial for my lot), any scarring involved was hidden once the nail regrew.

Taken all in all, though, you have to think – the skin is very clever.


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2 Responses to Daily prompt: Let’s see now…

  1. I’ve got the burn scars AND the knife scars. My family has been known to order me to put down the knife and back away from those vegetables. No one lets me take heavy stuff in or out of the big oven. It’s a great way to get help … except for the scars.

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