Daily prompt: Hope vs Determination


There are lots of possibilities for today’s word:
Hope springs eternal in the human breast
Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Wishing and hoping
Faith, hope and charity…

You get the picture.

But I remain
Yours sincerely
Depressingly Uninspired.

This may be because in my house at the moment, Hope has stepped aside in favour of Belief and Determination. The project in hand is a good one (more on that when it comes to fruition) but is currently under fire from all the delays and frustrations of Mercury retrograde.

In my younger years, anything to do with astrology was distinctly woo-woo and nowhere within cooee of my field of reference. But as time went on, it sort of – well, popped up and waved, and more or less in spite of me, came up with a few indisputable and entirely relevant observations. So while I don’t read my stars for the day (or even the week or the year)I’m well prepared to admit that I have most of the lovely and unlovely characteristics of a Gemini (like the boredom tolerance of a gnat) and Mercury retrograde can play havoc with the best-laid and most desirable plans.

So in the present situation, Hope is not enough. Delays and frustrations must be addressed with patience and perseverance, dealt with and overcome.

These things are sent to try us.

And they do.


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