Daily prompt: Shame on me – or can I blame my parents?


Except for those things the Government does in our name but considers us too stupid/immature/unreliable/unimportant to know about – except for those things, you might say that the world is an open book these days.

All I need to do is open my computer (in the comfort of my own hermit cave) to know what Kimmy said to Taylor (or didn’t), who’s been stoned lately, who’s having an attack of ‘baby joy’, who kissed whom, what Gigi Hadid’s up to (who’s Gigi Hadid?), what a ‘disgusted’ shopper said to a breast-feeding mum in a Target store in Connecticut…

And all despite the fact that I really, really don’t care.

But it does make me wonder.

Have I, in my geriatric haze, been overlooking the one thing that would rocket me to instant fame as the dowager queen of social media, with people clamouring to shower me with bucket loads of lovely dollars for the privilege of advertising on my site? Have I been shooting myself in the social media foot by keeping my family’s riveting trivia to myself when the world is actually agog with curiosity as to why Tom is slightly deaf, who Sam was meeting in Alice Springs last week, where Emily and Llewellyn have gone this weekend and what Jake was doing off school last Tuesday?

I guess I just wasn’t brought up properly.


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2 Responses to Daily prompt: Shame on me – or can I blame my parents?

  1. Garry and I don’t even recognize the names of the current “hot people” in the news. It’s hard to really care about them. They seem pretty trivial.

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