Daily prompt: If only Adam and Eve had called it as it was!


So Eve urged Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, Adam chomped away at the apple, we’ve all been sinfully wicked ever since and it was all Eve’s fault. Simple, really. As the man, Adam had his mind on higher things and couldn’t be expected to resist temptation, or even to remember that god had specifically pointed to that tree and said Do not touch.

And so it began – men’s god-given right to have it both ways. They are the leaders, superior on every level but somehow not responsible for the world’s evils, while women, the lesser species, are to blame for all that goes wrong.

If at that point Adam had stood forth (like a man?) and said mea culpa, I have been weak and easily led, or if Eve had pointed out that perhaps Adam’s strength was illusory in some areas, they might have had a productive conversation and saved us all a lot of angst all these centuries later. But instead, for reasons unspecified, they settled for men=strong, women=weak and created a world of messy contradictions and general confusion.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!



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2 Responses to Daily prompt: If only Adam and Eve had called it as it was!

  1. Except I think the real message has ALWAYS been that women are dangerous (and strong) and men should beware because we will bewitch them. Got that right.

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