OK I’m stupid, but tell me anyway

I have just finished watching an episode of the documentary series Ross Kemp: Extreme World, in the course of which a retired NOPD Lieutenant, explaining the importance of the Second Amendment, said ‘…if this government becomes so oppressive and so out of control that we’re forced to fall back and use these firearms, we have ‘em.’

 Question: If Americans are so sensitive to the possibility of oppressive, uncontrollable governments, why don’t they use the right to VOTE? It’s a cheaper way of removing a government you don’t like, and far less messy.

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4 Responses to OK I’m stupid, but tell me anyway

  1. We have some very weird people in this country. It’s a BIG country and hopefully, they mostly live far away from here.

  2. *shrug* I’ve heard many (dumb) reasons. I think voting is pretty fantastic, and I have voted every single time I’ve had the opportunity. Because it is the only way change is going to happen.

    The reasons I’ve heard, if you’re asking, are: “The system is corrupt, so why bother.” “Your vote doesn’t count, it is about the electoral college, so why bother.” “I abstain from voting as a form of protest.” “I recognize the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of man.” or just general laziness.

    I wish we had a higher rate of voters, ESPECIALLY WITH THIS CYCLE.

    • Voting here is compulsory, and I’m all in favour of that. If you want to abstain as a form of protest, you can return a blank paper, but you still have to take the trouble to show up and take responsibility for it (and I’m sure God would be in favour of taking responsibility for the kingdom of man when you’re still part of it). As for the system being corrupt – the fewer people who vote, the more chance there is of corruption.
      I don’t envy you this cycle AT ALL!.

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