Daily prompt: Deep as a puddle


The problem with profound as a topic is that what I think is profound, you might think is a load of old rubbish, and who’s to judge?

Added to that, any thoughts that might have seemed profound when I had them have long since been absorbed into the mental structure, and digging around for them now would be like excavating a basement: potentially destabilising, and almost certainly full of nasty surprises.

I was pondering this as I walked up the street to buy milk (I like my coffee white). There was nothing profound about my walk up the street – more a basic matter of me vs nature in the form of half a gale driving freezing rain sideways (but I do like my coffee white).

I continued to ponder it when I arrived home – as I changed my clothes – as I put my shoes in the magic cupboard to dry. But the only profundity I could find was my profoundly pleasurable anticipation of a mug of hot (white) coffee.


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2 Responses to Daily prompt: Deep as a puddle

  1. kstanlyksays says:

    i don’t know if you intended the irony, but each phrase is profound, most particularly the image of this freelance writer walking up the street, pondering the concept of profundity, in a gale. i picture you walking to some nearby coastal town on a fairly misting morning, then the gale kicks in, but you’re still pondering profundity; i love that your prose invites me to do so. even the bit with the magic closet let’s me wonder if you aren’t really a fairy godmother or some other magical creature and you fooled us into thinking it was non-fiction.

    wonderful ending.hope you smiled all through your coffee. maybe next time you’ll remember to get the milk the night before.

  2. Thank you! I have to confess that any profundity was pure chance, but obviously lucky for me. It happened pretty much as you imagine, but I won’t spoil your vision of the magic cupboard (which does exist, I promise!)
    And yes, I did enjoy the coffee. You know how it is – some are just special!

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