Daily prompt: Not complicated, just painful


I’ve got chilblains on my toes.
How that happened, goodness knows.
No one takes more care than me
To thwart the possibility.

All through the wintertime, I treat
My agéd, well-worn, size ten feet
Like fragile little flowers: no
Extremes of temperature; no snow,
No walking barefoot by the sea,
No toasty fires at night for me…
And all – alas, alack – in vain.
That vicious, itching, burning pain
Tells me, despite all I have done,
The little buggers have still won.



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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Not complicated, just painful

  1. I can empathise with my bunions 🙂

  2. I had to look up chillblains… 😦 I thought it only happened in fiction by the Bronte sisters. Looks like I’m safe. It seems not to bother chubby people (it’s nice to find an advantage). I’m sorry for you. It does not sound like fun.

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