Daily prompt: The saving vice


Everybody needs a vice. Nothing major. Just a little one, to save them from the nasty nuances of perceived perfection.

But where do you find a nice little vice these days? They’ve either been thoroughly demonised (like smoking), or elevated to social glory (like drinking) so that they no longer count as vices. Some might suggest that recreational drugs would qualify, but that’s just silly. In my opinion. There’s nothing nice or little about drugs, and those who fool themselves into thinking otherwise are…well, fools.

Promiscuity’s out too, for the same reason as alcohol. So prevalent it barely raises a yawn. Who knows who’s with whom anymore, and really, who cares? If a former US President can’t resist temptation for the term of his office, it proves beyond doubt that previous sexual mores are outdated and irrelevant, and flouting them can’t be relied upon to sully the gloss as you might hope.

Greed? Greed is good. We all know that. Consumerism keeps the world turning. And gluttony? Disguise it as an appreciation of fine food and it’s positively virtuous, no matter how many starving kids you could feed for the price of your gastronomic experience.

Donald Trump has a lot to answer for here as well, but for the opposite reason. It used to be possible to scratch that vicious itch by indulging in a little mild and inoffensive political incorrectness, but ole Donny there has blown his mouth off to such a degree that the merest twitch over the PC line is likely to land you the stocks. Will my children, for example, be able to address me as ‘old lady’ anymore without being abused in the street?

It’s all very well to talk about neglect of the middle class, but you know society’s really come to a pretty pass when there are no longer any middle-of-the-road vices up for grabs.




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6 Responses to Daily prompt: The saving vice

  1. AprilEsutton says:

    Loved this so much I read it aloud to Hubby.

  2. This is so true.
    When I was young I used to drink a snowball, or a smal glass of cider, and then stagger around, giggling and telling everyone I felt drunk. If I was young now I’d have to down several lagers and a bottle of vodka, then vomit down my Ted Baker dress and pass out, if I wanted to impress my friends.

    • I skip over this as part of another focus, but it really, really upsets me and makes me angry, having been married to an alcoholic and knowing the damage it can do not just to them, but to everyone around them. A couple of drinks – fine, but it seems to me the height of hypocrisy that people should regard smokers with such horror but disregard the violence, loss and tragedy that alcohol can cause. I could go on about it but I’ll spare you. I know you know.

      • I do indeed, but it’s nice to know I have an ally. I’m sickened by “humorous” Tee shirts with an alcohol theme, by people joking and bragging about getting drunk, by the need for the majority of people in this country to fill their supermarket trolleys to the brim with bottles of booze at Christmas time and by the national assumption that you can’t socialise/have fun unless you’re at least half drunk.
        Marriage to an alcoholic – that must have been a horrific learning curve.

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