Daily prompt: What to wear with a pash rash


I came across this little snippet on my homepage today. Pash rash and turbans, it said (with appropriate pic). The top trends from day one of New York Fashion Week.

And I thought Well bugger me! (as you do) and went to see what (if anything) this year’s elegant woman would be wearing with her pash rash and her turbans.

I was quite taken with the delicate tracery of black string that passes for lingerie ‘in Kim Kardashian stripper style’ and followed the link to a photo of KK herself wearing, along with a few scanty pieces of fabric, see-through thigh-high boots – an image I stored for future reference should I ever break my leg and need a waterproof cast cover for the shower.

But the peak of elegance, imho – the real show-stopper, particularly if you’re startled into unwary movement and end up needing KK’s cast cover – is this.

Nine Digital Pty Ltd

Nine Digital Pty Ltd

Well bugger me! I thought – again, being quite tired and not up for much in the way of original thought. Who’da thunk? All those years I regarded socks with sandals as the province of old men (in Australia at least) and black legwear with white/beige footwear the epitome of no-no, and here they are in one glorious fashion package! How inelegant am I?

 Very, is the answer to that. But I’m doomed anyway. The pash rash would be far too expensive.


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: What to wear with a pash rash

  1. I think you’ll find that a dark sock over a pale sandal is only considered elegant when worn on the left foot, as illustrated in your post. The right foot should be sporting a green or brown (or black, for formal occasions, but avoid navy!!! – Take note: these exclamation marks are essential, in order to make the point) Wellington boot – both Aigle and Muckboot are on-trend this year, but avoid Le Chameau – whilst nobody would question their quality, they have a distinct reek of the countryside.

    • Thank you so much!!! It’s too easy for us here in the colonies to lag behind in matters of fashion, lacking, as we do, the intelligence or polish to appreciate the finer points of civilised society. For example (and I hesitate to ask this, but what am I to do?) would the Wellington boot (or gumboot, to us) come with a heel of appropriate height to maintain smoothness of gait, or is lopsided the new cool? (My interest, you understand, is purely objective, my chances of acquiring the necessary pash rash being beyond limited.)

      • Please don’t be embassassed, it’t not your fault you’re not British. If you were, you would know that after a few pints, one flat heel adds stability after an evening in the pub. The Wellington boot has the added advantage of holding a respectable amount of wine if you break so many glasses that the landlord refuse to give to another one.
        Fashion is often dictated by current political or sociological trends, and the current trend in this country is to spend most of one’s life

      • Maybe I’ve had one glass too many. I pressed Send by accident. As I was saying: The current trend is to spend most of one’s life innebriated.

      • How sensible in these troubled times! What an excellent solution! I shall buy a Welly and apply to emigrate immediately!

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