Daily prompt: What to think?


The world is riddled with dilemmas. The Presidential election. Brexit. The groundhog day that is Australian politics. How Brangelina will divide up its 400-500 million dollar assets. (Oh no, hang on, that’s not a dilemma. They had the divorce sorted before they got married – but I’d be happy to take the French vineyard off their hands if it looks like becoming a bone of contention.)

All of this makes me very grumpy. It makes me ask questions like What’s the world coming to? which is a sure sign of old age, and that makes me grumpier still. Although I still think it’s a fair question. You’d be forgiven for hoping that with knowledge at our fingertips we might become wiser – that with embedded journalists splashing the barbarity of war all over our screens we might become less eager to bomb the shit out of our fellow beings – but instead we’re becoming greedier, less tolerant and more stupid by the minute, and those of us who now have time to look, don’t like what we’re seeing.

But perhaps that’s just indicative of my own dilemma: a lack of personal dilemmas and an inability to switch my mind off when it’s not needed.


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2 Responses to Daily prompt: What to think?

  1. Noah Weiss says:

    The password is SENSATIONALISATION as well as uninformed people with a lack of will to use critical thinking…

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