For Judy, who hates limericks

There once was a fellow whose hair
Was the talk of the nation, but there
Was nothing beneath
But a nose and some teeth
And a skull full of very hot air.

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17 Responses to For Judy, who hates limericks

  1. rugby843 says:

    I love your attitude….

  2. I love limericks, and that’s a perfect one.

    • I love limericks too, but not what seems to pass for limericks these days! That was the conversation I was having with Judy which gave rise to this one.

    • Yes. What people put up there these days is an insult to limericks. I’m going to teach one of my granddaughters to write them properly as my contribution to their survival’

      • I believe that if you bring up a child on a mixed diet of poetry which includes a daily dose of limericks, they’ll quickly learn to make them up on the spot, and are likely grow up with excellent poetic skills. I’m serious. My mother encouraged us to read Edward Lear and Spike Milligan, amongst others. She had a large cache of memorised classical poems which she often recited.

  3. Embeecee says:

    BWAHAHAHHAHA!!! I enjoy a good limerick, and I’ve just found a new one! 😀 Thanks for sharing that! And for the laugh!

  4. AprilEsutton says:

    That is a good limerick.

  5. You are the best. 🙂

  6. lifelessons says:

    I’m glad you left me a hint, Helen, as I hadn’t seen your limerick. Yours is clever! (But I still hate the genre.) I am so honored that you dedicated it to me, however. So, here is one for you in honor of your lesson in Australian lingo:

    There was a young lass good at bloggin’
    who was also quite prone to go groggin’
    But when she drank plonk,
    she went a bit wonk
    and was left with no words in her noggin.

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