Daily prompt: Daring or stupidity?


Who dares wins?

 Weeell… maybe. And maybe not. Hitler dared and didn’t win. George W Bush dared in Iraq, and although some might call that a resounding triumph, I wouldn’t be one of them.

You can fiddle anything with semantics and interpretation, of course. Can Scott’s second expedition to the South Pole be considered a winner even though Amundsen beat him to it, and all five members of the expedition died of hypothermia and starvation on the way back? Was the daring itself enough to qualify as winning?

But what really does my head in is the stream of inane and insane dares and challenges constantly ‘trending’ (I am resigned to the word, but not reconciled) on social media.  Pouring iced water over your head? Walking along a high, narrow ledge? Giving each other electric shocks? Does taking the dare automatically make you a winner, even if you fall off the ledge and break your neck?

What’s even worse, though – to me at least – is what this says about Western society. People are BORED. Bored enough to invent thoroughly pointless and often dangerous challenges to keep themselves entertained and make themselves feel big and bold.

It’s been my belief for some time that a lot the ills of modern society come back to boredom. A young jogger was shot on the street because two teenagers had nothing to do one Saturday afternoon. Drugs are good because they blot out the boredom, or give you a rush that makes you king for the day. You only have to look at the success of Pokémon Go to realise how many bored people there are in the world. So why not join ISIS, that boys’ club extraordinaire that promises constant activity and the ultimate brotherhood of shared purpose?

It’s a known fact that bored kids often get up to no good. Seems that bored teenagers and bored adults do the same thing, but on a grander scale.



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1 Response to Daily prompt: Daring or stupidity?

  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I do agree. Kids today (I am showing my age) don’t know how to entertain themselves.

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