Daily prompt: ‘Promising Armageddon’, take…how many?


Nobody’s promising good stuff on the news at the moment.

Roll up, roll up, for political, financial and social Armageddon!

 Weeell… I suppose I could, but I think I’d rather ignore the news. That’s the thing about getting old. You realise you’ve survived so many threats of Armageddon that you’ve learned to conserve your worry energy until it happens. With a bit of luck it won’t, and if it does, you’ll deal with it because there’s no attractive alternative.

What gets me about these rolling promises of doom is that they could all be avoided if we pulled our heads in and stopped being so greedy, selfish and egocentric. And stupid.  Me might be a valuable commodity, but that doesn’t give it the right to ignore the other 7.5 billion Mes in the world: to consider itself the most valuable, the most worthy – the one most entitled to get what it wants and to hell with all the others.

There are a lot of people in the world who work tirelessly for global wellbeing, but there are far too many greedy, egocentric gits in positions of power and influence with an eye to nothing but their own gratification. Far too many people with more money than they could possibly need in several lifetimes who guard it jealously because it’s theirs, while people in their own countries ransack garbage bins to survive. Far too many people who indulge their desire to ‘feel better’ at whatever cost to their children, and society in general.

What they forget, or choose to ignore – or perhaps think couldn’t possibly happen to them – is that one day, they’ll be just as dead as anyone else. And far less likely to be remembered fondly.


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