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Daily prompt: Diamonds don’t grow on trees

DAILY PROMPT Tree Figures regarding the value of the jewellery stolen from Kim Kardashian’s hotel room this week are elastic, to say the least, so I have been conservative in my calculations. However… According to 2014 figures on the Aid … Continue reading

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Daily prompt: Daring or stupidity?

DAILY PROMPT Daring Who dares wins?  Weeell… maybe. And maybe not. Hitler dared and didn’t win. George W Bush dared in Iraq, and although some might call that a resounding triumph, I wouldn’t be one of them. You can fiddle … Continue reading

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Daily prompt: …or maybe not…

DAILY PROMPT Breakthrough Last night, I promised myself that I would get up early (ish: not wise to shock the system too much) and do something vaguely productive instead of frittering my time away playing blog. This, I thought, would … Continue reading

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For Judy, who hates limericks

There once was a fellow whose hair Was the talk of the nation, but there Was nothing beneath But a nose and some teeth And a skull full of very hot air.

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Daily prompt: Grammar

DAILY PROMPT Value The value of grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.  (Saw this on the back panel of a combi yesterday. Serendipitous. Not genteel, but spot on.)    

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Daily prompt: Words

DAILY PROMPT Graceful Graceful is a word that always makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know why. It doesn’t set my teeth on edge and make my hair prickle the ways some words do, but there’s something about it that sits … Continue reading

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Daily prompt: Tests I could easily fail

DAILY PROMPT Test Getting out of bed is a test. Not the horizontal -> vertical bit. That’s OK. But when the cold wind doth blow, even though we shan’t have snow (which is nasty cold wet stuff I have desire … Continue reading

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