The flame-trail of me blowing myself out of the WordPress water

Oh for goodness sake, America!

You never did ask WHY when 9/11 happened – just waded in and made the situation infinitely worse.

And now you’re doing it again: not asking WHY Trump happened, just beating your breasts in anguish, and abusing and vilifying almost 60 million of your fellow citizens – 60 million of your countrymen – without once stopping to ask yourselves what has made them angry enough – disaffected enough – to vote not just for an ignorant buffoon, but against the establishment.

I admire your patriotism, but the cost has become too great. It has blinded you, not only to the good things in other countries, but to the bad things in your own.

The whole world is in for a rough ride with Trump as President, and whether you want to admit or not, you are responsible. It’s because 60 million of you decided that taking a chance on a sexist, racist, loud-mouthed idiot was preferable to putting up with more of the same from an establishment that has failed to address their despair.

America itself is in for an even rougher ride, and unless you ask yourself how and why it’s come to this, you may well implode.

I guess this will pretty much finish me here.  But then I never did belong, did I.

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11 Responses to The flame-trail of me blowing myself out of the WordPress water

  1. I admire that you have used your freedom of speech to say how you feel. I am From England and I fear for the world too. The world needs people like you, you have my admiration 🙂

  2. Susannah says:

    Don’t you dare believe yourself finished here, Helen! Yours is an eloquent, thoughtful and practical voice that absolutely needs to be heard, so don’t let us down. The world needs intelligent discussion now more than ever before, and if we lose those voices (of which yours is one) we’re going to find ourselves heading straight down the rabbit-hole.

    • Thank you so much, Susannah! I’m right when I say I’ve never belonged – too opinionated, perhaps (which is a laugh if you knew me: personally, I’m wallpaper) and not American, which makes me automatically an outsider. So I expected to get my head chopped off, but since that hasn’t happened, I probably won’t be able to resist sticking my nose in. To my mind, money is at the root of all the evil in American politics. I am very, very glad that we have a different system

  3. rugby843 says:

    Keep writing, I enjoy your bluster!😊

  4. There are 235,248,000 people of voting age in the US, and of of the 25% who DID vote for him, I’m sure there were many who were voting against Clinton or registering their protest with the status quo.

    The big problem is the nearly 50% of us who did not vote AT ALL. Very strange for a Presidential election. I don’t think I’d been so downcast if I were you. Some people allege that the 50% who didn’t vote were simply apathetic, but among them were people who voted for everything on their ballot EXCEPT the president. I can’t call it apathy, though many do. I think it was disgust.

    Lots of people disagree with me, but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling contempt for both of the people running for the “highest office in the land.” I voted for HRC, but I couldn’t support her even when I could see what was good about her.

    I personally believe this is going to put the power where it should be — in the hands of each of us to make sure that that A-hole’s sinister agenda cannot be realized.

    • You have said what I was trying to say better than I said it. I don’t think it was apathy either. I think it was anger from people feeling too powerless and ignored for far too long. I don’t believe for a minute that 60 million Americans are sexist, racist idiots, and nor do I believe that Trump will build a wall or deport all Muslims.
      What I hope is that the shock will galvanise liberal-minded, thinking Americans into action, to reclaim the country from corporate greed, the 1% and what has almost become a dynastic political class. I have just had a long conversation on the subject with my son. He thinks I’m being hopelessly idealistic. Please prove him wrong!

      • Trump did something masterful to galvanize the liberals and the conservatives and attract the attention of BOTH groups away from the 1% with his racist jingo and impossible promises. He’s no fool and I’m sure he has known the whole time that he won’t be able to keep most of his promises (curses). I think the Liberals in this country are also a dynastic political class. There is a power elite based on money and Bernie almost broke through and definitely started something — now if those liberals can quit licking their wounds and get off their asses something might happen. Your son is wrong. 🙂

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