Daily Prompt: All this?


The world is very silly at the moment. Or at least the human part is. I guess animals are still doing what they always did, unless they’re being carried around in handbags or languishing in shop windows for the entertainment of (very silly) humans.

Donald Trump will soon have his pudgy paws on the nuclear button. How silly is that?

Our government is claiming that cutting company taxes will boost wages – like we’re too silly to have twigged to the fact that trickle-down economics is a fairytale.

And meanwhile Iggy Azalea claims to have an award-winning vagina. The ‘banana detox’ diet has you eating more that 200 grams of sugar a day for 30 days and will almost certainly give you constipation. Conor McGregor wants $100 million in cash to fight Floyd Mayweather. And locally, some idiot lit spot fires all over town on Sunday, when the temperature was 33 C with a strong wind blowing.

What nonsense it all is! And when will it percolate through to our squishy little brains that we’re rapidly losing track of our commonsense; that discipline and self-discipline have a purpose (like making society function smoothly); that we’ve sold our souls to the Kardashians (or similar) who really don’t give value for money; that unless we smarten ourselves up, we’re going to fall flat on our silly faces, and it will serve us right.



Don’t run away with idea that I’m a doomsayer, though. I’m not sitting her brooding about it and crying Woe! Woe! In fact I’m sitting here admiring the blue sky and the green trees and the sparkling sea – and even the power lines: enjoying the bounty of it all, and thinking All this? Geez we’re a bunch of silly sods.


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6 Responses to Daily Prompt: All this?

  1. Relax... says:

    I keep wondering how America was Kardashian’d by Trump, though I may’ve just answered that. Even those who may be aficionados of the reality shows (“Jackass” leaps to mind) who voted for this giant among jerks must’ve known this is a program with no Off button, no end after the season, that it wasn’t for the cameras at all, that there’s no real real-life that Trump or any of us goes back to after the one-sided money died down. Some, most, all ? of them are still glowing quite orangely. I’m trying, like the rest of the world, to not take it all personally, because some of my own young voted for this mess. O, but there IS that word “nuclear” which our blond Flavor Flav belongs nowhere near. World, I apologize.

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