Daily prompt: Waiting…waiting…


I am waiting for my mind to quicken. Or my motivation. Or something.

Not passively. I’m trying. Blowing on the coals, you might say, in the hope of raising a flicker of flame into which I can feed frenzied activity and boundless enthusiasm. But so far? Zip, zilch and a big fat nothing.

I’d like to be able to say that this isn’t like me, but I would be lying in my teeth. It happens from time to time – one of those moments when what’s on offer looks about as flavoursome as cold porridge and motivation sinks so far into the can’t-be-bothereds that even coulds and shoulds are discouraged by the sheer effort required to find it.

But I do not despair. Oh no! This little black duck is made of extra-strength, pre-treated, drought-resistant, pasteurised and homogenised rubber that shall neither slumber nor sleep and is guaranteed to bounce back from the most shameful slack-arse moment.

I just wish it would hurry.


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3 Responses to Daily prompt: Waiting…waiting…

  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I was the cold porridge yesterday. I couldn’t do it. I relate to this, and am full of admiration that you met the challenge.

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