Daily prompt: More ‘trivial’, really


There is nothing massive happening in my life, my neighbourhood or my country (at least comparatively speaking and as far as I know) for which I thank god and touch wood daily, thus covering all the bases.

‘Massive’ might of course be massively good, but in the modern age, the good stuff doesn’t usually attract enough attention to attain massive status, so I’m more than happy to do my bit in maintaining the current status quo.

I do feel sorry for the media, though, forced to scavenge frantically through the day’s pigs’ ears to find something that might be beaten up into a journalistic silk purse. Political utterances rarely make the grade, given that most Australians regard pollies with a cynicism almost worthy of our convict forebears and leave them to play their mostly-little games while we get on with our lives.

In this, of course, we are lucky: that we are in a position to be so laid back about it. The closest we came to a Trump figure (our politically late and largely unlamented former Prime Minister Tony Abbott) aroused so much voter antagonism in his attenuated reign that he was shuffled off to the back bench by his own party before he could lose them the next election. And generally speaking, that’s the way Australia works. We may appear to be dozing happily in the sun – a lot of the time we probably are – but Don’t Poke the Bear.

My neighbourhood doesn’t really go in for massive stuff, which is one of the reasons I like it. A massive surf occasionally, but that’s variety. A massive storm the other night, but not as massive as those that hit further west, so hardly worth mentioning.

As for me… I’m superstitious enough not to poke that bear, either.


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4 Responses to Daily prompt: More ‘trivial’, really

  1. lifelessons says:

    I agree. Pleasant normality will do me for the rest of my life.

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