Daily prompt: This is me behaving myself


This post deserves five gold stars, lots of likes and dozens of congratulatory comments.


Because I am keeping my mouth shut. Even after the NATO tweets.

How’s that for good behaviour?


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: This is me behaving myself

  1. You did control on three Be’s – Belonging, Believes, and Behavior which triggers Controversy!

  2. Relax... says:

    LOL, that could be dangerous, Helen!!

  3. Considering the approval rating of he who shall not be named has now fallen to the 30% it looks like the controversy is retreating or retweeting, not sure… 😉

    • Was thinking about that this afternoon. The danger once the shock and controversy phase is over is that you get used to it – like living with an alcoholic or an emotional abuser – and lose track of the fact that “other people don’t live like this” and come to accept it as normal.

      • When I said “the controversy is retreating,” I meant he who shall not be named is retreating. He’s being cornered, it looks like. He’s increasingly unable to do anything. Today there was a long and interesting hearing over his Tweets about being spied on by Obama and the probability/possibility of Russian influence in the election. It came out that there’s no way he was surveiled by Obama and the Russians did interfere with our election. What has yet to be proven is whether anyone in Trump’s campaign helped them do that. He has also been unable to get anything accomplished. There’s no support for his health care plan. His travel ban has been stopped twice.

        Lies like “Obama spied on me” are substantial and are likely to have some consequences. I don’t know what or when, but that’s serious. Plenty of people in his own party are very upset by them.

        What scares me are his rallies. I hope that his supporters (as seems to be happening) are beginning to see what he really stands for. Many of his supporters in the “heartland” have realized that his changes to the health care plan we already have would leave them without insurance. That hits them somewhere that is comprehensible to them. These are people — I believe — who’s main objection to Obama was his skin color. They need to be scared and they need to wake up and they need to change.

        I don’t see anyone around me thinking this is “normal.” Lots of people wonder what he does all day because he costs us a lot of money and he doesn’t seem to be governing.

  4. I saw the outcome of that hearing and rejoiced.

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