Daily prompt: Let’s hear it for the galah


I just had a quick browse through the DP grid and every post I read was D & M, which leaves me feeling a bit like a galah in a flock of songbirds.


Not that I’m too good at fitting in here anyway, being Australian on an American site which is harder than you think, but this wave of angst and soul-searching has really caught me flat-footed. Being as how I did my angst and soul-searching a long time ago and revisiting it would be bad for my health.

Mind you, I’m not sure that you ever entirely conquer the desire to search your soul. It’s a fascinating little repository of who-knows-what, after all. But these days I’m usually looking for ethical rather than emotional nuggets.

As for being flat-footed – I never did conquer that either, despite the best efforts of the school in which I was semi-incarcerated for five years. Oh yes indeedy! No stone unturned, no genetic trait too firmly entrenched. We were examined on arrival and signed up (involuntarily) for special remedial classes designed to rid us of those physical attributes not desirable in young ladies; in my case, flat feet and poor stomach muscles. (I was fat as well as flat-footed).

But the classes weren’t entirely useless, despite my unresponsive feet. They helped to nurture my lack of self-esteem so that it blossomed like a little flower in the spring sunshine and became a highly reliable source of angst.

Oh the joy of it all!



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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Let’s hear it for the galah

  1. rugby843 says:

    That’s terrible!

  2. Relax... says:

    What is “D & M”?

  3. bkpyett says:

    Having endured five years of boarding school, I too suffered from low self esteem. It took life and a few unpleasant experiences to bring me through and find strength and peace. I do enjoy watching storms through the window panes and am grateful to remain independent. I couldn’t abide being put in an old people’s home, so am determined not to when the time comes. Is that D and M enough, Helen? ❤

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