Daily prompt: Ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly answer


‘e was looking at ‘er, see. Soon’s she come out the shop ‘e’s there looking at ‘er, like ‘e’s been waiting all the time she’s been inside, just for ‘er.

‘is eyes are that dark they look black. No blinking either, just this stare stuck on ‘er like a lion or something, thinking she’d taste good. Hair like a lion too. Same colour. Scruffy, though. Could do with a good shampoo, she thinks. To make ‘erself feel tough, like she can shake ‘im off no worries.

But when she turns to go, ‘e follers, like she knew ‘e would, just didn’ want to know. Makes ‘er think about Dix, used to foller ‘er everywhere when they was kids, and she’d tell him to piss off so ‘er mates didn’ think she was soft letting ‘er little brother tag along. Wishes she hadn’, now, cos ‘e did piss off in the end and it didn’ turn out so good.

Mustn’ think about Dix, though. Darryl, more like. Bastard arsehole. Follered ‘er for weeks til she thought Maybe ‘e does care. Big mistake.

Still, not the same, even if Darryl was a mongrel. Ha!  She stops and turns to ‘ave a look, and ‘e sits down. Waiting. Like ‘e trusts her. That’d be new, she thinks. Trust don’ come easy, round ‘ere. So she clicks ‘er fingers, just testing, like, and while she’s still thinking How dumb can you get, Shaz? ‘e wiggles over, back end going side to side like one o’ them ticking things cos ‘is tail’s wagging so hard.

She bends down, stands up, thinks Bloody hell, what now? And then ‘e lix ‘er, and she knows she’s stuck with ‘im.


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15 Responses to Daily prompt: Ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly answer

  1. Relax... says:

    Aw, cute! I like it!

  2. I think you can hear my groan all the way to your house! 🙂

  3. AprilEsutton says:

    Clever. That is how they wiggle into your heart.

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