Daily prompt: Passport to la-la land


Over the years, I’ve come to wonder whether lots of money – and I mean LOTS of money – comes with a free passport to la-la land – and I don’t mean the movie.

Why anyone with that sort of money should get free anything is a bit of puzzle, but I don’t make the rules. Perhaps, on the basis that there are no free lunches, it’s a sort of perverse warning: Abandon perspective, all ye who enter here. Because certainly once you present that passport and choof on through, you will never again see the world as other mortals see it.

I can’t prove any of this, of course. I will never know how the very rich see the world because I will never be one of them. But from where I’m sitting, it all seems a bit silly.

Take The Mansion, for example. Costs millions, has more bedrooms than you will ever need even if your friends do come to visit (maybe once a year?) dozens of bells and whistles you will never use, and floors on which your (obligatory) stilettos clickety clack like a train crossing the points, which can’t be good for the nerves on a less-than-stellar day.

Not that that would matter, of course: if The Mansion was getting you down, you could always pop off to the ski lodge – Mediterranean villa – apartment in Paris/London/New York – or even the private island. In your yacht/private jet… Yeah yeah, whatever.

See, I wouldn’t really like that. And before you snort with disbelief – I’d miss the challenge of ‘ordinary’ life that makes some things special and highlights the pleasure I get from a sunny day. I’d miss ‘ordinary’ people, who are often extra-ordinary for reasons and in ways the rich don’t need to be. I’d miss my un-flash unit in which I am far more at home than I would ever be with marble floors and a Jacuzzi I would never use.

And above all, I think la-la land, where you could afford whatever you fancied, would become terribly, terribly boring. What do you look forward to when you’ve done it all?

Becoming POTUS, perhaps?


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14 Responses to Daily prompt: Passport to la-la land

  1. Relax... says:

    I’m afraid so. 😦 Dear God, I waited 8 long years through Mr. Arrogance for this.. I hope Mr. Lincoln’s ghost trips him every night.

  2. Relax... says:

    Oh, and at any rate, yes — ordinary people, ordinary days, ordinary sunshine. 🙂 I totally agree.

  3. lifelessons says:

    I agree. I guess being super-rich beats starving with no roof over your head, but why on earth wouldn’t you give most of it away? And tax cuts for the rich? Ridiculous. Free clothes and jewelry for millionaire movie stars? Begrudge this, not medical care and schools for those who really need it. I’m disgusted with this greedy world. I like my creature comforts, but who could begrudge others the same?

    • My thoughts exactly.You cannot possibly need more when you’ve already got billions more dollars than you could possibly need, and if the super-rich gave even half of it away, they’d never notice the difference and more people might have roofs over their heads. Some of them do give it away, of course. But the rest make me ill. Greedy bastards. I like my creature comforts too, but I don’t need them gold-plated and neither do they. But I don’t think a lot of them have any conception of what poverty really means.

      • lifelessons says:

        That’s why it is so dangerous to have our government run by billionaires. What can people haven thinking? He presented himself as a man of the people and they took it hook, line and sinker. We need to spend more on education, not less! And look hard at curriculums that place so much importance of science over heart.

      • I don’t suppose the Clintons have much less than he has (possibly more). They just don’t lie as fluently. Don’t know how you overcome this in America when the top !% own 40+% of the wealth and campaigning is so expensive that less wealthy candidates would have to have sponsorship from that pool to even compete. My answer to most things is education, but could even that overcome the stranglehold big money has on American politics?

  4. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    I love a little bit of luxury 😃😃😃but when I see massive houses I always think of the cleaning! Yes, I am well aware they would have maids!
    I had a cleaner not long after my twins were born but she only came about twice – I didn’t like the intrusion 😜

    • But would you appreciate a little bit of luxury as much if you wallowed in it every day?
      I think of the cleaning too! But what would worry me more is rattling around in house far bigger than I need. It would be so impersonal.

  5. Noah Weiss says:

    You make a great point. During my (brief) adult life, I have always lived fairly frugally, even though my means might support a little more luxury. I’d rather have luxury be a special occasion, instead of an everyday ho-hum.

    Unfortunately, the world seems to reward the rich at the others’ expense…

  6. Being rich seems to have a deeper significance to some (not rich) people, a sign of a kind of spiritual as well as material achievement. I don’t know. It’s a mystery to me.

    • Yes, they become demigods. I don’t know either. A hangover from feudalism? A hope some of it will rub off if you stroke the cloak often enough? Doesn’t happen so much here due to a sort of innate cynical irreverence (left over from our convict beginnings?). The rich might adore each other, but the rest of us tend to think ‘get over yourself’. Unless you’re ‘a good bloke’ in spite of your wealth, in which case you might be forgiven.

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