Daily prompt: So sweet!


I should be able to think up something really clever here, shouldn’t I. Like How I Healed Myself and Found Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden, or The Healing Power of Love (or Dandelion Tea). But I can’t.

All I can think of is ‘time wounds all heels’, which isn’t really the same.  I also know a few heels who are obviously titanium plated and can grind other people into the dirt with apparent impunity. I can only hope that one day a very big dog called Karma comes along and chomps on their Achilles tendons.


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10 Responses to Daily prompt: So sweet!

  1. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    Love that – a very big dog called Karma gimping on Achilles’ tendons! 😃😃😃great post

  2. I always thought that “Karma” would be a great name for a dog – especially when it came time for scolding: Bad Karma! Bad!

  3. Aunt Beulah says:

    How happy I am that you couldn’t think of anything clever and had to settle for “time heels all wounds” which is as laugh worthy as well as clever.

  4. I’m hoping time ripens quickly and starts wounding some of those heels…

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