Daily prompt: The end result


I guess Easter’s as good a time as any other for blowing ourselves out of existence. A nice irony you might say, if you were so inclined – that Christ died for our sins and rose again to light the way to salvation, and here we are 2000 years later at the mercy of two egomaniacs incapable of climbing down from the creaky limbs upon which they’ve they seated themselves to flex their macho muscles. Proof, if we needed it, that humans are indeed stupid. and incapable of learning the most rudimentary rules for survival, let alone salvation.

How many of us are destined to suffer long and die from the fallout will no doubt depend on which way the wind’s blowing – not something I imagine either side is likely to take into account, being chiefly interested in getting in first.

Nor will they be bothering too much about the effect the fallout will have on the survivors’ ability to grow stuff (to feed themselves, you understand). As long as their side is seen to ‘win’, the rest of us can go to hell. Which numbers of us undoubtedly will, depending – as I said – on which way the wind’s blowing. The Western World might find itself very sorry it spent its billions in pursuit of luxury instead of helping Africa become agriculturally productive.

You might think I’m being heartlessly flippant about this situation, but what would you have me be instead? Nobody’s asking those of you directly in the firing line for your preference in the matter, and the only possible lift to the spirits for those of us likely to be brushed off as ‘collateral damage’ is the image of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sitting their respective bunkers eating baked beans and plagued by flatulence and cockroaches.



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8 Responses to Daily prompt: The end result

  1. I bet everyone wishes we spent more money on Mental Health now. Perhaps then, men like Trump and Kim Jong Un would have gotten the proper help for their disorders and not put the rest of the world in the crosshairs of their narcissistic bull.

    • I’m all for more money spent on mental health. Always. But whether it would have helped the two in question…who knows? There are suggestions DT fried his brains on prohibited substances many years ago (not proven and possibly scurrilous, but interesting) and you have to wonder whether Kim Jong Un’s problems are hereditary. But the rest of us trying to cope with it all would certainly benefit.

  2. rugby843 says:

    I have to hand it to you, perfect post. I feel the same, but the last lines were a riot!

  3. Key words in the last sentence, juxtaposed to the names I do not wish to speak are: flatulence and cockroaches.

  4. bkpyett says:

    Helen you write from the heart. It’s certainly a ridiculous situation when such unleaderly people
    are given power. Poignant and powerful post!

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