Daily prompt: What you think when you don’t have to worry about ratings


Pore ole Donny, yet again the victim of fake news. All those media bottom feeders scrabbling avidly through the polls and coming up with lies, damned lies and statistics.

But it’s all OK, really, because he knows that he is the best thing that ever happened to America, and when he bombs the shit out of North Korea, everyone will know it and he’ll be greeted with all the hurrahs and flag-waving he so richly deserves…

The scary part of that little scenario is that it would probably be true: historically, the best way to wipe out internal dissent and unite a country is a good, all-consuming war against an external ‘enemy’. It would work wonders for Donny’s ratings.

Not so good though for the ratings of the Australian government (led by that man whose name Sean Spicer has yet to get right). In honour of Mike Pence’s visit, we have reiterated our allegiance to America, which has caused Kim Jong Un to swivel his beady eye (and his missiles) in our direction.

I doubt I’m the only Australian just a little bit sick of following America off to war. We do it in the hope that if we were ever in trouble, the US would come to our aid, but since we only pop up on the global radar when we make these statements of loyalty – and since we’re a long way away and we don’t have oil – it seems a bit…well, silly, really. Particularly after the mess we all left behind in Iraq and Afghanistan. Far better, I’d have thought, to keep our heads down and our noses clean, like New Zealand.

But there you are. I’m not a poli, so I don’t rate at all. Just think from time to time.



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5 Responses to Daily prompt: What you think when you don’t have to worry about ratings

  1. Fran Macilvey says:

    Absolutely. The antipodes are often seen as a useful ally when it comes to finding armies of people to help out…. but what for?

    I love reading your posts, Helen, thank you! 😀 xxx

  2. Aunt Beulah says:

    Yes, indeed, you think, Helen. And I find myself agreeing with your thoughts, particularly so with the ideas you express in this post. I’m loathe to advise any country to follow our adolescent, narcissistic president’s lead.

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