Daily prompt: Nnnah…


I’ve never had much to do with perfume. Always felt stupid when I wore it: like a sow’s ear trying to be a silk purse. In fact that applied to anything that might smack even vaguely of being girly, up to and including wearing pink.

I’m pretty sure this attitude came from being tall. And ungainly. Whether the ungainly part was actually true or simply ground in by vicious sports teachers (all very British) hell bent on humiliating anyone not suitably jolly-hockey-sticks, I’ll never know: it was one of those deep-seated shames I accepted so completely that it never occurred to me to run it past a third party.

Either way, being tall would have been enough. Tall was not good in my formative years, which were long before modelling was respectable and models were tall. Girls were supposed to be little. They didn’t tower over everyone else. They certainly weren’t taller than boys of a similar age. And if they did do these unladylike things, they couldn’t expect to find clothes to fit and feminine-type shoes big enough for their wholly unfeminine feet.

So there was no way, with all that in my face, that I was going to make a fool of myself by pretending to be girly. Frills, furbelows, rope petticoats and fluttering eyelashes? Grotesque, I thought: like fairy lights on a camel.

I have shrunk a bit since then, and tall women have become more acceptable. I now wear pink occasionally. But perfume? Too late, I think. Far too late to turn a donkey into a thoroughbred.


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4 Responses to Daily prompt: Nnnah…

  1. Now, that is thought provoking! I’m tall, too – large feet (well grounded, right?) and I never cared for fragrance or wearing pink! I wonder if there’s a girly-girl gene that didn’t get passed along to you and me?

    • We’d not only look silly with small feet, we’d fall over! None of my daughters are girly girls either although they’re all much shorter than I am (and all very attractive one of them made a good living as a model) so maybe you’re right: it’s all genetic!

  2. Embeecee says:

    Um, average to short ‘girl’ (hell I ain’t been a girl since 1985)..WOMAN weighing in on the ‘lack’ of girly girly genes…I missed out on that too and i’m 5’5″ and a HALF (was 5’6″ in my youth – damn old age). No maternal instinct either (never did want kids) and my mother was always disturbed because I preferred to play ‘cars’ with my brothers instead of having make believe teas for my dolls and stuffed animals. I’ve always liked pink though, my complexion is apparently “Spring” and springs (washed out and pale looking) can carry it off. The whole frilly thing? Never did get that either..

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