Daily prompt: Good for a laugh – for the time being


Don’t get the idea I’m bitter about this, or bursting with righteous indignation. More inclined to see it as good for a laugh, although you might have to take that on faith since outsiders seem to think the Australian sense of humour is weird.

Anyway, here’s what I’m talking about.

The first phone call between newly-elected President Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ended abruptly with Pres T hanging up in PM T’s ear. Yeah well…

In two separate briefings regarding this little spat, White House spokesman Sean Spicer referred to Mr Turnbull as ‘Mr Trumble’. Aah…

Last week, Mr Turnbull travelled to the US for a face-to-face meeting with President Trump. The meeting was scheduled for 4pm to last for an hour, but seems the President was too busy to keep the appointment and it was moved to 7.15pm, giving them a quick 30 minutes to gallop through top level discussions on Korea, China, trade agreements, allied military presence in the Middle East… before attending a ceremony aboard the decommissioned USS Intrepid to mark the anniversary of the WWll Battle of the Coral Sea.

So far so good(ish). The President thanked Rupert Murdoch (who introduced him to the stage), Greg Norman (with whom he played golf once) and Anthony Pratt, who has just pledged $2 billion for American manufacturing jobs – presumably the only Australians Trump considers worth mentioning (or perhaps knows). All of whom are now effectively American. (Lots of eye-rolling from Australians.)

He also addressed ‘the phone call’, though perhaps not as eloquently as one might have hoped for from the world’s No. 1:

 They said we had a rough phone call, we really didn’t have a rough call, did we?
Everyone’s talking about this phone call. The media was saying ‘what do you think about the phone call? You didn’t really hang up?’

No, we had actually a very nice call, right? Good. Now the record is straight all those people back there. Thank goodness, it’s true we had a very nice phone call.

Got a little testy, got a little bit testy but that’s OK. We’ve had a very good relationship and I’m very proud of the relationship.

And following this all-round jolly affair, Reuters referred to Malcolm Turnbull as Brian Trumbull.

Now as I say, this whole rolling fiasco is good for a laugh, over here. Why waste emotional energy being bitter about such a ridiculous sequence of events?


Australia is not as big as America. Not as powerful. Not as important. Malcolm Turnbull is not as important as Donald Trump and should be grateful for crumbs from the President’s table, right?


Mr Turnbull might be a mere candle in the global firmament in Donald Trump’s opinion, but he is still a head of state, and international diplomacy as well as common courtesy require that he be treated with the respect due to his office. For a start, the President’s spokesman might get his name right.

Australia is also the only nation since Trump’s election to express loyalty to the US, and it might be worth the President’s while to realise that whatever Mr Turnbull says, Australians themselves are increasingly dubious about any such loyalty given the wars it’s led us into and the President’s cavalier attitude – and in Australia, everyone votes and he/she with the most votes wins.

We might get bored with this joke and stop laughing.



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18 Responses to Daily prompt: Good for a laugh – for the time being

  1. Relax... says:

    I’m smacking my head… actually, I’m beginning to dent my head with that. If Australia would help pray for an expediting of impeachment over here, I (and millions of others here and abroad!) would be very grateful. 😦 sigh…

    • I do sympathise, but the possible impeachment of the American President is not Australia’s business. It wouldn’t seem ethical to me to involve ourselves by prayer or any other way, however relieved we might be if it happened.

      • Relax... says:

        LOL, I understand. Prayer is my go-to and go-to thought, when it comes to governments run by humans, many of whom be-god themselves for us so miserably. I can have no other effect on such as these.

  2. Embeecee says:

    The line “he/she votes and whomever gets the most votes wins” is SUPPOSED to happen in America too yano. Some of us (now called stupid terms like “snowflakes” and other idiocy that means nothing) are outraged at the blatant fixing of the election. We’re not horribly surprised though, it’s happened before. So just so we’re represented, some of us do not call that orange assh… “President” nor give him any loyalty. I personally wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire. And apologies to Australia’s PM and the faux pas that orange moron apparently uttered- I don’t follow the news any more, so I probably didn’t ‘get’ most of the sarcasm in your post. His co-idiots don’t get any more of my time than he does. Which is nil. We’re simply embarrassed and horrified, but we’re also powerless. It’s really a dark time in the U.S.A.

  3. He’s such a douche bag. I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Trump is America’s #1 embarrassment. Malcom Turnbull will look back on this all someday and remember the ignorant man who was president for a short time. Maybe he can an Australian postcard to Trump in prison.

  5. Aunt Beulah says:

    All I can say is amen to your words and those of those who have already commented. Trump is an embarrassment. I quit laughing long ago.

  6. lwbut says:

    Beautifully put Helen! I could not agree with your post and comments more if i tried.
    The idea of Trump as POTUS is a joke – you’re supposed to laugh at jokes; jokes should be funny.
    But not all jokes are funny, or not everyone gets them. What do you do when the joke is ill-timed, pathetic and inappropriate? How do you laugh at such a thing with anything other than sardonic cynicism?

    Even if we are fortunate enough to be Australians and not Americans?

    Ahhh – just thought – like many jokes require of us – we can laugh with enormous relief that at least he’s not OUR president! 😉

    (even if that is a tad selfish and uncompassionate of us to do so !) 🙂
    (But then – lest we start to feel a bit cocky about it – we have to put up with Brian Trumbull for our sins!) 😉


    • Yes, we do have to put up with Brian Trumbull, but at least we managed to dispose of the Phoney Rabbit quite expeditiously, so I do think we’re allowed at least a bit of a snigger! The longer this goes on, the more fascinated I am not just by the difference between Australian and American systems, but by the differences between our national characters. We do sardonic cynicism really well! 🙂

      • lwbut says:

        Phoney Rabbit! 😀 – had not actually heard that one before! ( Or my fantastic memory is beginning to fade – probably the latter 😉 )

        The more i see of Trumpet and how he’s ‘running’ the country ( ie into the Ground! and taking some of the world with him) the less inclined i am to think Australia should become a Republic – it’s not worth the risk! 😦

        Aussie character certainly has a little ratbaggery mixed in – along with a healthy dose of laconic humouredness. I think i need a gin and laconic! 🙂



    • Phoney Rabbit is mine, I think. As to the republic – I’d be sorry to give up our system, which seems to work better than so many others!

      • lwbut says:

        I don’t see the need to give up all that much – we could keep much of the ‘establishment’ as is.

        What i don’t see the point of is a head of state who does not even live in our country and who, while theoretically holding supreme power here, never actually employs it for any reason other than some kind of titular power. (GG’s sacking of Gough excepted). On top of that having our own resident Aussie-born head of state would then eliminate the need and expense of having 6-8 state and federal representatives of our new President (the governors general) and all the guff and entourages that go along with them. We could save millions a year. 🙂


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