Daily prompt: Each to his own


It’s funny how things change. Hospitality used to be a personal thing. Now it’s an industry. A career for which you train, perhaps in the hope of becoming manager of one of those whoop-di-doo resorts where people play golf, drink cocktails by the pool, eat cake, see and be seen.

Those places have never appealed to me, fortunately. Polished luxury makes me uneasy – like the parlour maid caught in the parlour when the guests arrive. I could wind myself up to it if I had to, I guess. I was taught which cutlery to use, how to smile and nod convincingly, how to sweep on through instead of scuttling.

But I wouldn’t enjoy it, with or without the luxury. Resorts, cruises, boarding schools, prisons… All places where they decide what’s suitable to the occasion. The big difference is that I could afford prison – they provide the uniforms – which is why it’s fortunate I’m not beguiled by the other three.


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: Each to his own

  1. The absurdity is that NOW (because there is money in it) Hospitality and Tourism has a masters degree at some universities. I had students who DREAMED of becoming a concierge at a Hilton hotel in Vegas or a wedding planner. I think it’s kind of cool, though, that I made my living teaching people with whom I didn’t have much in common fundamentally and we did OK together. And, godnose, it’s pretty easy to teach people good manners.

    • It seems as if society is determined to reduce everything to at least the median common denominator – except sport, where excellence is worshipped. An ‘all pigs are equal except sporting pigs’ philosophy.Makes me sad. Also makes me sad that manners are no longer taught by parents.
      Guess I’m just a bit edgy today.

      • I feel the same way but I THINK differently than I feel. MOST people are the median common denominator. So maybe it’s no different from the middle ages when most educated people were priests so that’s what monasteries taught? I don’t know. The good manners I taught were related to business, not what parents teach so god-willing those kids got that at home!!! 🙂

      • You are obviously more tolerant than I am on this subject.

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  3. bkpyett says:

    Love your slant on life, Helen, especially the sweeping through instead of scuttling!

  4. Noah Weiss says:

    Fascinating. Isn’t it interesting how “Big ______” changes everything? Big Pharma, Big Hospitality, Big Tobacco, and so forth…

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