Daily prompt: Hope or naivete?


I liked this song when it first came out. Found it comforting to think that if you step back and put the world in its proper perspective, it has enormous potential for beauty: that the vast majority of people on this earth simply want to go about their daily lives, with all the happiness, sadness, endeavour, ups and downs that that involves.

That your god, my god, God or no God, harmony was possible.

But since ISIS decided it could take over civilisation by killing off infidels a few at a time and Donald Trump decided he was god, the song sounds hopelessly naïve.

What do you think?


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10 Responses to Daily prompt: Hope or naivete?

  1. lwbut says:

    It’s a great song and even if some can see it as naive it’s as true today as when it was written.

    Perspective is the key. Focussing on annoying little details like Trump ISIS or fossil fuels gives them far more of your reality than they deserve and diminishes the vastness of all things that oppose them that also exists in this world.

    The aspects and reality of Perspective should be taught in schools from pre-school onwards. That way we might be better able to understand what we are actually seeing or looking at and be better placed to deal with all the crap we see around us (mostly thanks to the media who salivate over the profit they can see in broadcasting the negative).


    • Unfortunately, I think the media give people what they want – the general public salivate over shock and horror.
      I like the idea of teaching perspective, but how would you do it? Overseas travel would be a good start – but again, how would you do it?

      • lwbut says:

        Sadly you might indeed be right about the general public – of which i must be a part (apart?)
        Perspective is fundamental to all school activities: Art, mathematics, sciences, photography and even sport! (Travel and therefore geography and culture/social science which brings in history also). It would simply be a case of all teachers showing the various aspects of perspective relevant to their speciality and how it affects everything we do in a similar fashion (ie. wide – narrow view; observed vs the observer; positioning; seeing from opposing viewpoints etc.) We need to educate the educators on it’s integral importance to all we humans do and think first. 🙂


      • Do you know the teaching philosophy of Steiner schools? They are probably the best at this

  2. I never liked the song at all. Then…my friend’s husband has it on his loop of Christmas songs and it was Christmas Eve. He is blind and looks like an aged and curmudgeonly Irishman, wait, that’s what he is. Anyway, the song came on and Michael starting singing along with Bette Midler and he sang with his whole heart. I videoed it because it was just so beautiful. He believed in every word. So, I guess I like that version.

    God has nothing whatever to do with Trump or ISIS. And I’m not sure anything is watching us but I leave that possibility open. There’s so much beauty in the world and goodness in people (on the ordinary level) that I can’t close that door.

    • I think if there is a god and he/she is watching, they’re tearing their hair. And (sexist or not) I can well imagine the song would have a lot more impact sung by a gutsy man. But the idea of focusing on the beauty and goodness you mention is exactly what appeals to me in the lyrics.

  3. I’ve always found songs like that mostly annoying. I’m not sure how I feel about God. I like Carols and psalms, but that’s about as far as I go. Sorry.

  4. Aunt Beulah says:

    I listened to the song I have long liked, read your post, and didn’t know what I thought. Then I read the comments, found the discussion of perspective, and knew what to think. Perspective is the key and I need to develop some.

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