Daily prompt: Nah, not in the mood


All very well for you, is all I have to say – yakking away about blossom while at the other end of the world, any self-respecting blossom is lying doggo while grey skies spit freezing rain and miserable bloggers huddle in their jumpers and try to ignore their icy ankles. (This blogger left her ugg boots at home when she upped sticks and transferred to Sydney for a couple of months.)

I shouldn’t complain, of course. Should I. This is nature in all its glorious diversity. Yeah, well… And anyway, I’ve already had my annual winter moan. If I were A Good Person, I would rise above it and go Tra-la Tra-lee, Di-ver-sit-ee! No midday heat? Oh what a treat! But I am not A Good Person. Although I will try to be better tomorrow, when it might have stopped raining.

Meanwhile my sister is back in hospital, which is a good thing in the circumstances but a blow nonetheless, and might also be affecting my attitude to blossom and the day.

A friend of my daughter’s has a dog called Blossom, but she’s not very Blossomy unless you include Venus fly traps.

Bummer, eh.



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16 Responses to Daily prompt: Nah, not in the mood

  1. emn says:

    Nothing like a cheery topic like “blossom” to drive us mad, right?

  2. I love Venus flytraps, but you need flies. I found myself putting a slice of lunch meat on the lawn and setting my Venus flytrap in the center. 🙂 It was very effective both for her and for me because I was working on a never-to-be-finished piece of art work that had a fly in it. A painted fly, but it needed to look real. My Venus flytrap was one of the most cooperative plants I’ve ever worked with.

  3. Aunt Beulah says:

    Northwest Colorado is approaching the time of year that makes me think I’ll try to be better tomorrow if it’s not so damned hot, a time would find it difficult to write about blossoms as well. I hope things work out well for your sister and that you’ll keep us posted.

  4. lwbut says:

    Wanna know the Secret to true happiness??

    Learn to enjoy being Grumpy! 🙂 🙂
    (But that doesn’t mean you have to spend your days actively seeking it out! Life Always provides an alternative!)


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