Daily prompt: Which sort?


I like a bit of a dash – spray them around, in fact, like other people’s apostrophes: use them for colons and semi-colons because really, who cares? Or possibly even knows anymore…

I start sentences with ands and buts as well. Shame on me! Mr Ferguson and Miss Young would be spinning in their respective graves if they knew, but fortunately the grammatical shortcomings of former pupils aren’t likely to feature largely in eternal dreaming. At least imo.

Mind you, I have threatened to come back and haunt family members who say different to or different than instead of different from. Different from, folks. Different FROM! You don’t say I differ to you or I differ than you, so why foul it up if you use the word as an adjective instead of a verb? Yes OK, I have to admit I’m probably flogging a dead horse, but some of us die hard.

As for the other sorts of dash – you can forget the moving-fast one (see Scamper in previous post), but I suppose the dash-and-panache variety might have had possibilities. I do occasionally get glimpses of another me who might have enjoyed cutting a swathe through dreary convention and snotty pretension: sweeping past bitchiness with flip of the cloak or a smile and a joke. But Fate and Circumstance had other plans, which was no doubt just as well. Sustaining dash and panache would have been far too exhausting for such a dedicated sloth.


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12 Responses to Daily prompt: Which sort?

  1. Noah Weiss says:

    I am never clear on when to use a dash, a colon, or semicolon. I nearly use the former two interchangeably.

  2. It seems a British thing, this “different to”. I hear it on all the British TV I watch. I just figured they were different to us. As for dashes — I like them. Semi-colons too; I don’t see the point in the colon, though, except the anatomical variety. 🙂

  3. Did you know that if you put ‘to, than’ and ‘from’ together, you can make the anagram ‘fathom ant’? More to the point, I love that last paragraph. You’re a natural poet.

  4. I’m losing my marbles – fathom on art, not fathom ant…

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