Daily prompt: Have I lived too long?


Seems most of us are substandard according to that Great Table of Standards in the Sky. Nobody knows who drew up the Table, who has access or when the standards will be subject to variation, but at the moment (and after a variation regarding Size of Bum) it would appear that the Kardashian/Jenners meet the secret criteria for perfection, and that’s about it.

For the rest of us? Put ‘too’ in front of any human attribute you can think of – physical, mental or psychological – and somewhere in the list, you’ll find the one that rules you out.

Me, I am too grey, too careless of my appearance, too outspoken (to those who know me here), too retiring (to those who know me in person)… Luckily for me, I don’t care (too…something) but imagine how gutting it must be for those who do, particularly if they’re media fodder.

The current world is very silly, in my opinion, although I know that saying that guarantees me a permanent big black mark on the Table of Standards. But really, only a silly world could come up with someone as silly as Trump as No.1 Leader.

But then I am severely substandard in the category marked ‘Age’. I am clearly too old. I was brought up with standards that no longer apply: never tell a lie, never break a promise, and if you’re in strife, come home – all ridiculous in an age when lying starts at the top, promises are the playthings of expedience (particularly in politics) and home is now a place that many can’t wait to leave, probably due to overexposure to lies and broken promises.

Sometimes I think it’s worth hanging around to keep saying things like ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’, and sometimes I think ‘shoot me now’.


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: Have I lived too long?

  1. lwbut says:

    Substandard? In Japan you would be revered for your age!

    You are not substandard – Western standards are substandard imo.

    This is indeed a silly world – and getting sillier by the day it seems?


  2. Michael says:

    Great thought really well conveyed. Funny too 🙂

  3. I think it must be age because as I’ve grown older, I’m just TOO everything. And, on top of that, also too sick.

  4. Ash Cheyne says:

    Bowie would be 70 if he was still with us. That’s my brenchmark :).

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