Daily prompt: One delivery I’d prefer to avoid


I can’t say it’s fun, but it certainly adds an extra something to the start of the day: that first check of the news to see if one of the Mad Bastards has delivered us all into the jaws of chaos, mayhem and death while half of us were sleeping.

Doesn’t seem fair, really, does it. Whichever one of them loses the last vestiges of sanity first and lets rip, both of them will scurry off to their nuclear-proof bunkers amidst clouds of glorious self-righteousness while the rest of stagger around amidst clouds of radio-active fallout still wondering with our dying breaths what it was all about. Not a question I can even attempt to answer, although I must say that as with most conflicts, it seems highly unlikely that either side is entirely blameless when you get down to tin tacks.

But two things are undeniably true and quite urgently relevant: the Kim family is a law unto itself, and no good ever came from poking the bear.

It’s the bear-poking that really gets to me: the fact that the most powerful man in the world is too narcissistic to keep his little orange spaghetti-o mouth shut in the interests of averting global disaster, and opts instead for provocative bluster to flaunt that power for his own personal gratification.

Nobody else thinks it’s a good idea. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov have both suggested (very diplomatically) that he should back off. History doesn’t relate his response to Lavrov, but in reply to Angela Merkel, Trump said, “Perhaps she is referring to Germany. She’s certainly not referring to the United States, that I can tell you.”

Which rather implies that Americans are all gagging to get in there and show those North Koreans what’s what.

I hope that’s not true. Whatever the official outcome, we would all lose.



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8 Responses to Daily prompt: One delivery I’d prefer to avoid

  1. No body thinks it’s a good idea, though there are idiots in this country who think Trump was right to say what he said, who insist we only have a “cease fire” with N. Korea and we’re still at war. I believe that his warmongering is a distractive tactic to keep the Russia investigation out of the front of peoples’ minds. He’s a consummate manipulator, but the more he pulls these shenanigans the guiltier he appears to me and I am sure I’m not alone. I, personally, wish he were on the other side of the veil, so to speak, had “crossed the bar,” etc. He’s a despicable, evil and horrifically ugly human being.

  2. Every president, or nearly every president — Democrat and Republican — has done his share of saber rattling. Remember Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs? And all the wars? I’m just assuming that the same nothing that has always happened will continue to happen. If not, oops. Sooner of later some fool will threaten the world and in that world, some equally huge fool will swipe back.

    • Yes. There’s been sabre rattling all my life and I’m still here and assume I still will be, and if I’m not, I won’t know about it. But the thought of Donald Trump’s wanton stupidity wiping out my grandchildren is just a bit much to take!

  3. Aunt Beulah says:

    I truly think the man with the “little orange spaghetti-o mouth” (Oh, how I love that description) is mentally ill, clinically unbalanced and could get us all killed. Not a good thought to go to bed on.

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