Daily prompt: Definitely nilly


Russian oligarch Aleksey Shapovalov has bought his wife a 70 carat diamond ring estimated to be worth 13.5 million AUD.

I have a few hobbyhorses as you may have noticed, and this is one of them. How billionaires’ money could contribute to the greater good.

Not my business, you might argue (as you might about other hobbyhorses of mine like D. Trump, which I try to spare you – despite having composed a whole post on the topic just today). And strictly speaking, no it’s not. But think about it and ask yourself whether it’s one of those things that should perhaps be everyone’s business given the state of the world.

According to Child Africa, 13.5 million AUD would feed and educate 902 African children for 13 years each.

According to charity: water, that 13.5 million would, on average, complete around 770 water projects, each project providing clean water to (on average) 300 people who otherwise get by (or don’t) on dirty and contaminated water.

According to Save the Children, you can help improve one child’s nutrition, health, childhood development and education for less than $1 a day, so 13.5 million would help one child for 13.5 million days, or 2,054 children for 18 years each.

Not bad, eh?

See, what I don’t get – and I admit this gap in my understanding quite freely – is why Aleksey Shapovalov’s wife needs – or even wants – a diamond ring of this calibre. Me, I think it’s quite ugly and not at all user-friendly. Far too big for her hand, and not something you could glance at in moments of stress for a warm and fuzzy reminder of spousal affection. I mean, you could hardly wear it to the supermarket, could you. Not that I suppose Mrs Shapovalov goes to the supermarket, but still.

Of course I’m just being silly now, aren’t I. Everyone knows why she needs it. And wants it. It puts her way ahead in the International Diamond Stakes.

But it does make me sad – and cross – that all that potential good will by now be sitting in a safe somewhere achieving bugger all.



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8 Responses to Daily prompt: Definitely nilly

  1. rugby843 says:

    This has been a “thing”for me all my life, the distribution of wealth. I agree it is ugly, but I’ve never been one for jewels anyway. The fact is, world situations will never improve while people like this remain self important.

  2. Embeecee says:

    Eh. Those who require that kind of status symbol (and that’s all it is) do not and sadly never will comprehend the reasons why they should help others. Yes it is ugly. And to think it’s just carbonized coal. I bet she couldn’t burn it to keep warm though…

  3. They’re just idiots. fucking stupid greedy amoral dead-hearted idiots.

  4. Those huge diamonds aren’t jewelry. They are an investment. Because you can’t really WEAR them and they really ARE ugly.

    Some rich people donate lots and lots and lots of money and some, after a certain point in their lives, do little BUT donate money. Unfortunately, there are also the other morons. There’s no accounting for idiots.

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