Daily prompt: Ooze beats fluff


Today is International Sponge Cake Day. Who’d have thought!

Perhaps my ignorance is due to the fact that aside from the goodly ooze of jam and cream, I find sponges about the most boring cakes around. They taste like fluff – or what I imagine fluff would taste like. (Herb eats fluff quite often. I don’t.)

Whether I don’t like them because I haven’t mastered the art of cooking them is another question, but to be fair to myself, I don’t think that’s it. I only tried once, and it wasn’t a complete failure. Not a rock-cake-as-sponge disaster, just not up to Royal Easter Show standards, which in reality few people are. So there was no shame in it and I could have persevered, but why bother when I wasn’t really interested in the finished product?

I am, however, a right whizz at things like buttermilk plum cake, orange cake, gingerbread (the cake variety, not the biscuit) and my melting moments are to die for. Or perhaps I should say ‘I was’ and ‘they were’, since the chances of my rousing my lazy self to cook any of it ever again are about nil.

The other oozy thing I used to cook was pikelets. For lunch on wet Sundays. The kids would line up at the kitchen bench and I’d hoick the pikelets out of the pan four at a time (four kids) to be consumed dripping with butter in time for the next round.

Now I must go downstairs and hang out the washing. Last time I went down to hang out the washing I slid on the stairs and twisted my back something fierce, but I was carrying the rubbish and the recycling as well as the basket of wet clothes. This time I’ll only take the recycling.


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13 Responses to Daily prompt: Ooze beats fluff

  1. I used to be a really good baker. I was also grossly obese. I no longer bake.

  2. I make brownies. That’s it. They’re good, though. 🙂

  3. rugby843 says:

    Now I’m going to have to see what pikelets are!😂

  4. rugby843 says:

    Oh, pancakes! I also make good gingerbread. Do you put whipped cream on it while warm like we do?

  5. lwbut says:

    International Sponge Cake Day? WHY am i only finding out about this now?? 😦 ( It’s OK i had some on Wednesday anyway, even without knowing!)
    Sorry to hear about the back – but glad you can still learn a thing or two! One bulk at a time from now on. 😉

    I cook some mean pancakes (crepes really), delicious with a drizzle of lemon juice and sprinkle of sugar…. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Paaanncaaakes. 😀


  6. Aunt Beulah says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten sponge cake; my taste runs to heftier cakes like your buttermilk plum cakes must be. My mother used to make me a boiled raisin cake with caramel frosting for my birthday. I have her handwritten, splotched recipe and still bake it on occasion. But that’s about all the baking I do.

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