Daily prompt: It’s cold


Homage O Yea Homage to the Weather Gods! Their timing is immaculate.

When I left Sydney after 9 weeks of bullying my sister back to reasonable health, the temperature rose from freezing to not bad for winter, and now that I’m back 5 weeks later (another operation for my sister, not related to the first) they have zapped the city with that frigid burst we had to have before winter officially ended and I could congratulate myself on having survived it for another year.

I think I must have done something very evil in a past life.


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2 Responses to Daily prompt: It’s cold

  1. At least you don’t live HERE.

    • 🙂 Not sure if that’s for real or a bit of a dig, but either way yes, I am glad I’m here. However much I whinge, it’s not nearly as cold as your part of the world, my sister has just had her second major operation (repair of aortic aneurysm) for nothing, and silly as our politicians are, they’re not Trump. I am truly grateful on all counts.

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