Daily prompt: Magnetic what?


So I’m sitting around doing not much while my sister is in hospital – not that I do much when she’s not in hospital, but doing not much in your own house is different from doing it someone else’s – and I thought at least I could entertain myself with a post or two, and lo and behold, WP comes up with ‘magnetic’.

What’s to say? The magnetism of money? Been there done that. Animal magnetism? Haven’t seen too much of that lately (probably too old). The science of magnetic fields? Know nothing, care less. Anything vaguely magnetic as ‘news’? DJ Khaled’s 10-month old son wore a Gucci suit worth $2,500 to the VMAs (whoever DJ Khaled is)? The usual stupidity from politicians and ‘personalities’? (all of whom have to do stupid, I guess, when they’re so lacking in natural magnetism that they’d otherwise pass unnoticed.)

I like having no natural magnetism. It’s very peaceful. Means I can drift through a crowd without a ripple, but I realise this isn’t everyone’s ambition. One bird (who I’ve never heard of but is no doubt famous for being famous) was desperate enough to share the rejuvenation of her ‘lady parts’ on Instagram. Now that is just plain yuck (including the use of the phrase ‘lady parts’) and prompts me to say something I swore I never would, namely, ‘What’s the world coming to?’

I also wonder whether she might one day regret it. What if she ever has to get a job (unlikely, but life is never predictable) and her prospective boss Googles her and stumbles across it? Would you want to work for someone who knew the ins and outs of your ‘lady parts’? Or what about when she’s old, which she probably thinks she already is (she’s 26) but barring accidents, she really will be one day. Will her grandchildren (she’ll be having caesareans) be proud that Granny’s lady parts are there for all to see?

Before any of my grandchildren were allowed to join Facebook or Instagram, rules were laid down. They would allow their parents, uncles, aunts and grandmother to follow them, so they’d better behave appropriately. And before they posted anything, they had to remember that it was out there forever whether they deleted it or not, and think how it would look to prospective partners, parents-in-law, employers etc. Not bad rules, I think.

I now have a migraine aura and can only see half the screen. Digital magnetism, perhaps? Apologies for any typos.



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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Magnetic what?

  1. I get those auras too. It makes it really hard to see the screen … or much else. Sometimes I only get the aura and not the headache. My doctor says that’s called a silent migraine. I’m just glad when I don’t get the headache, too.

  2. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this, Helen!

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