Daily prompt: Stupidity


I grew up in Australia’s first rural university. My father was its first Vice-Chancellor (Principal) and circumstance and the times (1940s-50s-early 60s) made it a community within a community in which we were surrounded by highly intelligent, highly educated high achievers.

The fact that I didn’t follow the expected course and become an academic myself makes no difference to my absolute and unequivocal belief that education is the key to everything.

Except eradicating stupidity.

To me, stupidity isn’t about a lack of intelligence or education. Ignorance is forgivable and potentially fixable. Stupidity is having the wherewithal to know better, and still involving yourself in something that’s pretty much guaranteed to end badly. Stupidity isn’t forgivable. And there’s a helluva lot of it about.

But perhaps I shouldn’t be so harsh. Perhaps stupidity can be attributed to some as-yet undiscovered glitch in the DNA –  or the hormones, or the brain chemistry, or the state of the big toenail – that inhibits the growth of commonsense and the ability to control the urge for instant gratification.

Or perhaps it’s just fashion. You know. Disconnect the brain from the mouth and the tweet finger and off you go, being crassly, offensively stupid in the name of Free Speech. But if it is just fashion, I wish it would hurry up and run its course.

I do find it very tiresome.



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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Stupidity

  1. I see it the opposite way. Ignorance is unforgivable. Stupidity is an intrinsic deficit that even the most stupid won’t cop to and can’t be fixed. Most stupid people think they’re smart. But the REALLY stupid people I’ve taught usually said, “I’m slower than the others.” They were completely self-aware in that respect. Then there’s foolish…

  2. Well, I too would reverse the words. Ignorance can be fixed. Intentional ignorance is the worst. Stupidity is inherited. You can learn your way out of ignorance, if you choose.

  3. 🙂 We’ll have to agree to disagree. Some people don’t have a chance to learn, so I can forgive their ignorance. Wilful ignorance, and ignoring what you’ve learned – that;s stupidity to me. But it’s all a matter of semantics!

  4. Noah Weiss says:

    As the other posters have mentioned, I think that intentional ignorance is akin to stupidity. There is so much in the world that can’t be known ahead of time, and I think that type of ignorance is natural.

  5. lwbut says:

    I think stupidity is largely in the eye of the beholder and can loosely be described as what someone does or thinks that does not coincide with what we think should be done or thunked. 😉

    Dare i presume that your feelings on stupidity have been lately exacerbated primarily by Trump?

    My view is that Trump, rather than being stupid, is actually very good at what he does (he understands human weaknesses (and how to exploit them) better than almost anyone, i suspect).
    It’s just that nearly everything he does is not very good for the rest of us. Since self-interest/narcissism is Trump’s motivating factor this should be of no great surprise to anyone.

    The other thing about human stupidity, of course, is that many of us (all of us at some time or other) have the tendency to behave like sheep and just follow a ‘leader’ who appeals to us in some particular way and who has a strong enough apparent sense of purpose for us to give them our trust while disengaging our powers of logical thought – until we eventually learn how foolish we were, if, indeed we ever do.

    I think one reason for this is that for the last couple of millennia we have been far to busy trying to earn a living for ourself and our families, to actually take too much time to think carefully about what we are doing. This seems to be changing slowly and might change far more rapidly with the forthcoming massive unemployment we are about to experience thanks to AI.

    It will result in many conflicts between opposing groups of ‘thought/ideas/belief’. I predict much more apparent stupidity will be revealed on all sides.

    Hope you remain largely unnaffected by it all 😉 me? – i take pics of my garden to calm down a little!


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