Daily prompt: …turn, turn, turn…


Ah the great Circle of Life! The turn of the seasons, the seven ages of man…

And the smaller stuff: salads replacing stews, boots replacing bootees, one brand of parliamentary hot air replacing another brand of parliamentary hot air in endless rotation…

But for me, there are two standouts: football gives way to cricket, and ads for cough mixture disappear in favour of ads for sunscreen. Oh the joy of it all! And it all turns over today.

Last night we had the AFL grand final – the football code heavily favoured by southern states and generally known as Aussie Rules. Tonight we have the NRL grand final – football code of the northern states, this year wrapped in layers of extra controversy by the NRL’s coming out in favour of a ‘yes’ vote in the same-sex marriage survey currently underway here (yes we are backward).

So it should be a night of uninhibited and unrestrained hoo-ha all round, and then – glory alleluia! – it will be all over, the gross ockerism of footy shows will vanish from our TV screens for another year and those of us who have no knowledge of football and no interest in gaining any will once again be spared the constant irritation of having it shoved in our faces. Yes, we do then have the cricket season, but it doesn’t come with the same level of macho partisan hysteria.

It’s been a bad flu season here, and not only for the elderly – amongst whom I do not rate, being old but not doddery and having taken the precaution of having a flu shot. But while I do most sincerely feel for the afflicted, I won’t miss an advertising creative’s idea of a nasty germ cavorting across my screen, and this weekend marks the natural transition to summer ads. It’s school holidays, which tends to break the germ cycle, and daylight saving started last night – an event that says Hey folks, it’s summer!

A lot of people hate daylight saving, even though we’re past the stage of thinking it fades the carpets and upsets the cows. I love it. I love those things that, being relatively close the equator, we wouldn’t get otherwise: hours of daylight at the end of a working day; an after-dinner walk on the beach as the sun sets; kids out playing as the crickets start.

And there’s an added bonus, for me. Each year when daylight saving finishes, I wonder if I’ll still be here to see it start again, or whether the coming winter will finally prove my undoing: whether something inside will break under the strain. Yes, you can laugh. Winter here is a paltry thing, comparatively speaking. But that’s the way it is.

So I’m delighted to find I’m still here, the footy’s over, and once again, we’ve circled around to the good bits.



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6 Responses to Daily prompt: …turn, turn, turn…

  1. lifelessons says:

    I agree about the football–and all other sports on TV. “A lot of people hate daylight saving, even though we’re past the stage of thinking it fades the carpets and upsets the cows.” Ha!!!!

  2. Yay! I’m glad summer is back for you — we will soon slide into Bear’s Bliss known as winter, but it’s still a month or two off, though it will snow a few times beforehand. 🙂

  3. Funny to read about spring when we are just beginning to see signs of fall. I would like a permanent autumn and a very long spring. I could happily skip both summer AND winter.

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