Daily prompt: It’s all very tiring…


Not too much ascending going on at the moment, far as I can see. Except for those ascending their high horses to give the rest of us the what-for. Which doesn’t always turn out too well if Next Door’s high horse is equally lofty and their what-for is the opposite of yours. Quite likely to get messy, then, with us poor sods stuck on lowly hobby horses watching tomorrow’s pastures green churned up by high-horsey feet.

My hobby horse is called Toc – short for ‘Think occasionally’. I’m a big fan of thinking, particularly if you do it before you run off at the mouth. It can set up a useful internal dialogue.

Me: Next Door is stupid.
Voice of Reason: Why?
M: He disagrees with me.
VoR: He has reasons he thinks are valid
M: They can’t be
VoR: Why?
M: Because he disagrees with me
VoR: Now that is circular thinking, which automatically invalidates it
M: Yeah but…
VoR: So why don’t you ask what his reasons are? You might learn something.
M: Yeah well I s’pose…

But that assumes the Riders of High Horses are rational – a big assumption for which I have, as yet no supporting evidence. So maybe the inner dialogue goes like this.

RoHH: Next Door is stupid
VoR: Why?
RoHH: He disagrees with me
VoR: He has reasons he thinks are valid
ToHH: They can’t be
VoR: Why?
RoHH: Because I am always right, so shut up and go away.
VoR: Oh. OK.

Ah well. Maybe I’m just too old to get the subtle nuances.




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8 Responses to Daily prompt: It’s all very tiring…

  1. He probably IS stupid and you are always right.

  2. At that point take a walk on the beach… 🙂

  3. …which does indeed cure most things.

  4. lwbut says:

    I like the way you think!!! 🙂 So rare these days as far as i know.

    Remember: The higher the horse the harder the fall when you get Bucked! 🙂

    I really should stick to ponies!


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