Daily prompt: All things in moderation?


This whole notion of ‘expressing yourself’ is relatively new, at least for those of us raised in an age and a country when a certain amount of British stiff upper lip was considered mannerly. You didn’t waltz around letting it all hang out, physically or emotionally. We oldies have had more adapting to do than the young can begin to get their heads around.

And has it all been A Good Thing?


My reaction to the physical hanging out is threefold. First and foremost, it’s all a bit ho hum. You’ve got one of those or two of those? So what? So’s everyone else. And as for ads about laxatives, tampons and erectile dysfunction – oh for goodness sake, get on with the program.

Secondly, it’s set up a whole new area of competition: if it/they are not up to the standard of the day, your all-important image is blighted. Unless you hurry off and get an expensive and painful ‘fix’ that will allow to flaunt your enlarged/reduced/reshaped goodies without fear of humiliation. I can only imagine how stressful this culture must be.

And thirdly, while nothing will ever, ever excuse the Harvey Weinsteins and the orange hands of this world, and while victims in those situations are never to blame, it would be hopelessly naïve to imagine that if you let it all hang out, no one is going to look. And if they’re honest – deeply and atavistically honest – I’m pretty sure (though I can’t swear to it, I’ve never done it) that those who do let it hang out would be disappointed if nobody did look. All a bit messy, really.

As for letting it all hang out emotionally…

If you don’t ever express your emotions, one of these days you’ll explode. Or implode, or melt down, or fall apart. It’s not good for you.

But there’s a difference between expressing how you feel, and examining each minuscule fleeting emotion as if you’re noodling through the potch for quality opals. And there’s a difference between expressing how you feel and jumping in with both feet to wallow in it for an inordinate length of time and saying You don’t understand to every offer of help.

Now I’m not suggesting a return to neck-to-knee swimsuits and obligatory stoicism, but I do sometimes wonder if we haven’t got a bit carried away with ourselves and our ‘freedoms’ and our ‘rights’.

A bit of thought for other people’s rights and freedoms wouldn’t go astray from time to time.


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: All things in moderation?

  1. lwbut says:

    Whole-heartedly agree! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

    People are largely a product of their time – and current culture.

    We are of another time (and culture altogether) that will sooner, rather than later, be nothing but a memory, or words in a history book – if they will still have books then, of course! 😉

    As for Mr Weinstein (and ALL the others all over the world) while they are personally abhorrent to me i'm finding it a bit rich the likes of Angelina Jolie and Gwynneth are speaking out that it happened to them now after having been in a position of considerable power over the last 10 or more years and not saying a single peep, and so letting who knows how many others fall victim to these creeps!

    If you know something someone is doing is WRONG and have the power (even if you don't have the power actually) Speak Out! Don't just sit on it and wait 10 years for someone else to do it.


    • No, sorry. It’s very easy to be righteous about Right and Wrong when you’re not the one drawing a target on your forehead. I’d want to walk a mile in their shoes before I passed judgement on what they should or shouldn’t have done. Except that I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in their shoes EVER. The lack of privacy would kill me.

      • lwbut says:

        I have never and am never likely to have been this kind of victim of a ‘man’ like that creep so perhaps my opinion on this is irrelevant. I understand full well the concept of walking a mile in their shoes before exercising judgement. Having said that i am a VERY firm believer in the principle that all that is necessary for evil to prosper and continue and destroy other lives is for (men) good people to stay silent when they know of, or have personal experience of, that evil.

        Child molesters and rapists rely upon the silence of their victims to continue their heinous acts. (Along with the incomprehension and disbelief of us ‘normal’ people who disregard out of hand as unbelievable, the truth when it is raised).

        While self-interest and self-preservation is perhaps our greatest individual drive, if we have the advantages of living in a society then we have also a responsibility to the others we share that society with, that, on occasions, should over-ride/be balanced against that.

        We all make our own decisions/should take full responsibility for them.

        In an ideal world anyways 😉 😉


    • I agree wholeheartedly in principle. But I am hesitant to judge.

  2. I disagree that the women are never to blame. If so many of us were not willing to “put up with” or even “put out” for the chance to advance a career, we’d have heard about Weinstein way before now. That doesn’t mean I think it’s OK for men to be predatory in this way. I don’t. They shouldn’t be — but have you noticed how often these men are absolutely physically repulsive? I wonder how much of their drive for power and wealth comes from their own accurately perceived inadequacy on the biological playing field (that none of us escape…)? I don’t know. Just thinking. 🙂

    • Do you think it’s the chance of advancing a career, or the bloodcurdling embarrassment and humiliation of having to relive it for those whose job it is to make sure you’re telling the truth – and in the case of Weinstein’s high-profile targets, for the prurient pleasure of the general public via the equally prurient press?
      I have to preface my next comment by saying I am NOT blaming women and I do NOT excuse predatory sleazebags in any way, and I do NOT think all women who are hit on behave this way – but I do think it’s hypocritical for the women who dress provocatively, flaunt their wares and flutter their eyelashes, to then be outraged when men react. What do they expect?
      Agree with you about Weinstein and his ilk. The male ego is irritatingly fragile, made more so by the ‘frat boy’ sort of crap that seems to permeate parts of society.

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