Daily prompt: Whatever floats your boat


My novels are fluff. Extreeemely intelligent, insightful, articulate and well-written fluff, of course, but fluff nonetheless.

Now why, I hear you cry, would you waste your razor-sharp intellect and your dazzling literary genius on writing fluff?

Because I like it. Writing those novels was pig-in-mud time, for me, and if I could get my scattered wits together, I’d be writing another one as we speak. Even though Smashwords and Kindle never did cough up a brass razoo they owed me on the first one, and I didn’t even publish the second one.

But oh my goodness it was fun!



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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Whatever floats your boat

  1. Blogging IS fun. That’s probably why I do it too 🙂

  2. I’m feeling so relaxed now that I am taking that attitude also Helen.

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