Emily’s word: Bougainvillea

The bougainvillea’s bright flower’s
Not all that it’s about.
The thorns beneath that pretty face
Would gouge your eyeballs out.


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Emily’s word: Cement

Cement is no longer one of those things
Environmentalists consider friendly.
I see their point.
But then again,
The best way to preserve the planet
Would be
To remove


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Emily’s word: Parmigiana

‘I think’, said the veal parmigiana,
‘I’d much rather be a banana.
At least then a fellow
Could lie there and mellow
Cocooned in a blissful mañana’.


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Emily’s word: Sophisticated…

…as an acrostic.

So today is set to rain,
Or at least drizzle.
Perhaps it knew –
However these things are passed around
In the weather circle’s
Sophisticated form of bush telegraph –
That finally,
Could no longer procrastinate
About the washing.
Today is the day it must be done
Even though it means
Draping my jeans in the magic cupboard.


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Daily prompt: Whaddya reckon?


You can’t deny that some professions are more taxing than others.

Emily’s Word

 A shearer at Goonoo Goonoo*
Thought a change of vocation was due.
If you had to clutch
A sheep to your crutch
Day in and day out, wouldn’t you?

*Pronounced Gunna Gunoo. And yes, it does exist.


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Daily prompt: The ticklish business of alternatives


In the interests of rezipping my unruly mouth, here is my response to my daughter’s word for the day.

Today’s word was chickpea.

There once was a chickpea called Fred
Who couldn’t sort out in his head
If he wanted to be
A chick or a pea
So he blew up the pantry instead.


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No athleticism, just guns

Fifty-nine people have died so far, more than 500 have been injured and thousands have been condemned to grief and trauma for the rest of their lives. And what’s America going to do about it?


Oh no, hang on. There will be vigils and prayers, fund-me pages for the families of victims, blessings from the President. And a spike in gun sales, as the NRA urges people to arm themselves for their own safety and the protection of their loved ones.

This is such BULLSHIT!

Yes I am being outspoken, interfering and insulting. But why should I apologise for telling it how it is?

While the American government beats its chest and secures its borders to protect its citizens against the threat of Islamist terrorism, it refuses to take the smallest steps to protect those same citizens against the demonstrably clear and present danger posed by its own ugly and antiquated gun culture.

If that’s freedom, you can keep it.


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