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Daily prompt: Just a thought…

Daily Prompt Finite Creatures At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery? Only the young and tactless would post a prompt like this on a site like this, known to encompass … Continue reading

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Seizing the day 5/2: Switching off

What news of fresh disasters? Any number. Doom, apocalypse, death and mayhem yours for taking on evening TV. Will my knowing change it? Can I help? No. Then I think I’ll turn it off.

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Grow up, America, the world is not impressed

Four people have been killed in a one-man shooting spree in the US state of New York. I’m sure it’s of great consolation to their families to know that they were not the victims of a massacre. Earlier this year, … Continue reading

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The elephant in everyone’s room

Nobody talks about death. Not really.  They talk about how to avoid it: don’t smoke, eat less, exercise more, give money to medical research – as if immortality were not only the Holy Grail, but almost within our reach. They … Continue reading

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Sneaky pleasures

Everyone knows that one of the cardinal sins of writing is the use of clichés, proverbs, trite sayings and similar hackneyed truisms, all guaranteed to send your beloved manuscript straight to the shredder accompanied by rude noises and unprintable expletives. … Continue reading

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