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OK I’m stupid, but tell me anyway

I have just finished watching an episode of the documentary series Ross Kemp: Extreme World, in the course of which a retired NOPD Lieutenant, explaining the importance of the Second Amendment, said ‘…if this government becomes so oppressive and so … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz is telling you lies about the results of Australia’s gun buyback

In my previous post (about ten minutes ago) I pointed out that however laid-back Australians might appear, we didn’t survive by allowing ourselves to be walked on – and I’m sure as hell not starting now. Ted Cruz is either … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas Mr LaPierre

It’s OK, you can relax, nobody’s going to take your guns, the NRA has been vindicated. San Bernardino was an act of terrorism that could have been avoided if partygoers had been armed, and Donald Trump is going to ban … Continue reading

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Grow up, America, the world is not impressed

Four people have been killed in a one-man shooting spree in the US state of New York. I’m sure it’s of great consolation to their families to know that they were not the victims of a massacre. Earlier this year, … Continue reading

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An outsider’s view of American gun laws

Two people have been shot dead and a gunman is still on the loose at Virginia Tech. In 2007, 32 people were killed and 25 were injured at the same college. Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National … Continue reading

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