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No athleticism, just guns

Fifty-nine people have died so far, more than 500 have been injured and thousands have been condemned to grief and trauma for the rest of their lives. And what’s America going to do about it? Nothing. Oh no, hang on. … Continue reading

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The sanctity of the Second Amendment: ROFL

Dear America I have tried to be polite on this issue, although I admit in a couple of recent posts I was starting to lose it. But given that today’s shooting in San Bernardino is the 352nd gun massacre in … Continue reading

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It’s time guns took a long, hard look at themselves…

Guns don’t kill, people kill. So maybe for the sake of their reputation, guns should stop consorting with people.

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Am I being offensive? Possibly. But enough is enough.

Another day, another mass shooting. How can I say that when hundreds of people’s lives have been shattered by the ripples that will go on forever from this one event? I can’t. But that’s what America seems to be saying. … Continue reading

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Daily prompt: Sanity would be good

Daily Prompt Sparkling or Still What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time. … Continue reading

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Grow up, America, the world is not impressed

Four people have been killed in a one-man shooting spree in the US state of New York. I’m sure it’s of great consolation to their families to know that they were not the victims of a massacre. Earlier this year, … Continue reading

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An outsider’s view of American gun laws

Two people have been shot dead and a gunman is still on the loose at Virginia Tech. In 2007, 32 people were killed and 25 were injured at the same college. Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National … Continue reading

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