Daily post – causes: Horses for courses

Horses for courses, is my belief. There’s someone for everything in the world that needs doing, and no one person can do everything.

If I could sit here and write impassioned manifestos that their recipients would actually read, mark, learn and inwardly digest, then I’d do it, but when did the vox populi really change anything? Those with power got there by ruthless dedication to their own agendas, and they have no interest in dissenting voices.

Cynical? Yes. But I was born in the middle of WWII and I’ve spent my life in a groundhog day of international politics – all that stuff that must never happen again and always does because world leaders think they have answers – or want to make grand gestures – or are just plain barking. Either way, all the protests in the world aren’t going to stop them – as has been amply demonstrated. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though – hence the impassioned manifestos – but these days, my energy is finite.

I could, of course, throw myself into humanitarian causes (in which world leaders, it appears, have no interest). But that’s where horses and courses come in. Some people thrive in groups. I don’t. They reduce me to ineptitude, and the first sign of cliques, allegiances and political game-playing brings me out in a mental rash.

So what’s the solution? I donate when I can, mainly to service organisations and kids’ charities. Meanwhile I’ve raised four moral, ethical and responsible members of society who are raising their children to be moral, ethical and responsible members of society. They’re my contribution to the future of the planet.


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