Daily post: Aspiring to…well, something. Maybe…

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

To boldly go pretty much sums up my aspirations for 2014, as luck would have it – although I won’t be splitting the infinitive when I take it to myself.

Archaic? Pedantic old bat? Possibly, but someone’s got to do it. Perhaps I should put it on my list – Go on boldly upholding and disseminating respect for English grammar. Not that I’m above splitting the odd infinitive to avoid clumsy construction, but that’s a separate issue. (One of the most popular modern crime writers chucks adverbs like potholes and road humps between subject and verb. Not worth the mental bruising.)

Anyway… What else shall I do when I’m being bold?

Hmm. Yes. Well.

Trouble is I like being wallpaper. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but am I prepared to expose myself to the alternative? The glazed eyes, the curl of the lip, the raised eyebrows… Humiliation and ignominious retreat are not my idea of jolly fun.

Maybe I should think again. With a bit of luck, that will take the full twelve months.


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4 Responses to Daily post: Aspiring to…well, something. Maybe…

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  3. Double like. Even Strunk and White trump the split infinitive with the music of the offering: go with what sounds better. And in this case, common usage (that has split it) has made it often sound better. May I ask if you’re a regular on OM’s blog? If so, I will be guest posting some thoughts from the GRAMMAR MAFIA in the new year.

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